Portal is our new multimedia installation project. It is inspired by the historic medieval market town of Ludlow and the community of South Shropshire.
Inspired by traditional folk and fairy tales, the door handle symbolising a Portal into the lives of the residents, this work explores the rural community and the relationship of residents and individual stories that lie behind the doors.
Casting multiple individual porcelain ceramic door handles, the work explores what South Shropshire means to individuals and how it shapes our sense of belonging, identity and relationships. The project collated the stories of the residents both new residents and those who have lived in South Shropshire for generations, exploring the diverse community that lives here. Documenting individual stories through a variety of media, people’s thoughts, inspirations, reflections and aspirations, the project developed a series of artistic works. Local residents had the opportunity to choose and cast their own ceramic piece as part of a collaborative installation work, to participate in workshops and artist talks. This work is open to the whole community and is partnered with local agencies and organisations, including AONB, the Forestry Commission, rural schools, Assembly Rooms, local libraries and rural community groups. The project created an inclusive and hands on artistic project that the whole community can be part of.